Art Residency

12 Residential Rooms For Guests and Artists

The Art Residency has 12 rooms situated on two floors and each simple suite has an entry hall, 2 double beds or a 1 double bed with mosquito nets and attached ensuite bathroom with shower.

It is designed to be place where artists and guests can relax and be inspired, to watch, learn, explore, have fun, work and share that with their world.

​Artists Workshops

Imagine working in this beautiful workshop with natural light and surrounded by other artists whom you can collaborate with, learn from, teach or just play football with!

​Pimbi Guest House

​8 ​Rooms ​

​Pimbi Guest house has 8 rooms ​containing a 1 double bed and attached ensuite bathroom with shower and a small table suitable for laptop working, a great location for a short stay for work or pleasure