What is Karen Village about?

Hope | Creativity | Innovation

​​We are an art, culture, heritage and creative innovation hub with over 70 studios and spaces. Featuring a variety of artists and entrepreneurs including painters, glass artists, artisans, framers, sculptors, fashion designers, lecturers, social enterprises, Eco warriors, animators, music producers, theatre companies, art galleries, recycling artists, event agencies and digital artists.

At KV we consider ourselves a forum to encourage entrepreneurial growth and this is achieved through the synergy of the various types of creatives we have and how they cross pollinate with each other as Karen Villagers.

At the current time we have the following  ​Karen Villagers: Ocean Sole,  StillAlive Productions, Local Aid, Tribe Earth, Bawa Hope, Made 51, Rusti Fundi, Kwetu Decor, Mushroom Kenya, Radio Domus,  and Legacy film lab, Tu-vibe kenya and Kwani Trust.

Karen Village ​has amenities for the villagers and its visitors including several eateries which serve local and international foods, ​bakery and pizzeria and ​provide outside catering. They ​are a great destination point for a private party featuring stunning landscaped​ gardens around the Karen Village site .  
​Our aim is to ​increase the awareness of African culture and host monthly cultural events ​which highlight the talent of the youth of Kenya and this is done via mentorship schemes as well as exhibitions and events.

We are now opening up to have further sport and recreational activities on the open field and the surrounding areas are often used for location shoots for film and music clients or for corporate team building.

We also have artist residencies and accommodation for people to come and enjoy what we have on offer.

Come and Visit and find out for yourself!  Everyday is a discovery at Karen Village.