VS Arts

The Village will have 9 craft studios, multiple workshops, art gallery, photographic studio and a stained glass gallery, Lydia’s office – who is the Director of The National Museum of Kenya fine arts division, and an art provision store.

VS Arts will allow a visitor to really immerse themselves in the richness of Africa’s creativity and give them the opportunity to watch, join in, listen and share their knowledge.

A regular series of lectures and workshops supported by The Museum of Kenya and Kenyatta University will be featured so that visitors may understand that local Africans have very much the same problems as Westerners or Easterners for that matter. As President Obama said, “we are one tribe and our requirements are the same: housing, better life and peace. Black, brown or white”.

We have built a Mud Hut where two people can stay and experience living in a Mud Hut from a typical African village.

This is an authentic hut built with material from the Central Province and consists of a lounge/bedroom and dining area, and a modern toilet, sink and shower facility attached so that you are are not completely remote from modern amenities.

A local village cook will prepare the food for the evening which will include home grown fruit, vegetables and locally raised game and fowl, besides locally brewed beer to meet your requests.

Graffiti Wall – “Harambe”. Various Artists associated with Karen Village have created the Graffiti wall, as a message of hope, peace and solidarity to all visitors.

A Remembrance Mound – dedicated to all those who have lost their lives everywhere. We have Kenyans who fought in the First World World War in Burma, Presidents Obama’s grandfather, and Kenyans fought and other Africans fought in the Second World War against the Germans, and many died in the wake of terror and so many as slaves and warriors and many still in the cause of freedom.

We salute them all and say “we remember you and never forget that you laid the path for us”.

Furnace – for firing stained glass and metal. Africa by-passed the bronze stage to the iron stage and we have 16 ancient archaeological furnaces in the country. The furnace we have installed is to make stained glass items and also teach workshops on stained glass making so we can propagate this creative form.

Kiln for firing pottery so that local artists can use this communal kiln and also teach others their techniques.

Children’s Art Studio

This is a fluid studio to allow children to create  in a nurturing environment , many children may not have access to creative materials and this studio will encourage them to experiment and showcase their talent as this will allow them to value their creativity as a means to solve problems throughout their life.

10 feet chess set of African history pieces made in Kisii (Soapstone).

This beautiful chess set is being hand carved in Kisii with a granite board by the artist Naftal Momanyi.

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