Heritage & Crafts

The Village will showcase 40 units that will allow local artists and craftsmen to make and show their crafts and to become a destination for people buying gifts. So far we have dressmakers, jewellers, handbag creators, and card markers.  This is a business incubator where each craft unit will have access to business knowledge that will help them grow their business both locally and globally.

We will host regular workshops for people to learn about new crafts and share knowledge. This is an entrepreneurial incubator helping local craftsman build, grow and create a business centred around art and handicrafts.

Heritage & Crafts

Regular open air events and workshops will be held here. Linked to the Smithsonian, Washington, DC.

Made In Kenya

We are very proud to receive a stunning umbrella from TengeVuli. A wonderful work of good strong craftsmanship that shows the products that things MADE IN KENYA can be.